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My name is Samantha. I am a mother, a doula-in-the-works, and a devoted geek.

You know, being pregnant has made me more pro-choice than ever.

Getting up at three in the morning to throw up isn’t easy- even when I knew what I was getting into and wanted it desperately.

I can’t comprehend forcing a woman to go through these everyday aches, pains, and drastic changes. 

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    amen to that. i would never force another person to live that hell.
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    a friend of mine is a new father, and he told me having a planned kid now makes him more pro-choice than ever. He said...
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    "It strengthened my belief more than anything!" You completely hit the nail on the head there. As long as I’ve...
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    reblogging because i really really love posts from people who’ve experienced pregnancy on the matter of abortion and why...
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    Tell me about it! Being pregnant reinforced everything so much despite being told by pro-choicers that being pregnant...